GR Club

About the club
GR club if of interest to 3 categories of people:

1. Businessmen who want to gain a competitive advantage by using the public administration levers.
2. Officials who want a career growth through the use and implementation of modern GR-technology.
3. Those who aspire to a successful career.



GR club helps you find the answers to the following questions:

For businessmen:

  • Do you know how to use the political processes in the country as a tool to grow your business?
  • How many officials are there helping you develop your business?
  • How to increase the quantity and quality of victories in the public procurement without breaking the law?
  • Do you experience a situation where for a solution to the problem you need to get in touch with a certain official, to whom you do not have a contact? Do you have a well-developed network of contacts with government officials?
  • Kazakhstan is about to enter the WTO. More competitive companies will enter the Kazakhstan market. Have you got GR-technologies for an equal competition with them on the market?
For officials:
  • There is a growing demand for government officials who have mastered GR-technology and know how to build relationships with business and society in the new GR-format. This is reflected in the formation of a new rating system.
For those who want to make a successful career:
  • If you want to make a truly great career, you should master GR-technologies. According to Forbes GR-managers is one of the top professions.
  • With each passing day officials get in greater need of a progressive business environment and GR-managers who build relationships in a new GR-format, which suggests mutual benefit and work exclusively in the legal environment.

Shalakhmetov Gadilbek Minazhevich - Chairman of the Board of Trustees of GR club.

- Founder of "Mir" interstate TV and Radio Company.
- President of "Mir" Interstate TV and Radio Company (1992-2002).
- Head of Press Service of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1992).
- President of "Kazinform" Kazakh Information Agency (2002-2004)...Read more



Ilyassov Yerkebulan Saydullaevich - Chairman of GR club.







Utkin Sergey Gennadyevich - GR club consultant on legal issues.

-   Referee of the International Arbitration Court «IUS».
-   Private practice lawyer. Defended many independent media, journalists, politicians and public figures in the court...Read more





Makulbekova Aybope Makulbekovna - GR club consultant on public procurement.
- Chairman of the Disciplinary Council of Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Public Service in Almaty city (2007-2008).
- Head of Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Public Service in Almaty...Read more


The mission of the club: to develop GR( Government relations) services industry in Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the club:

1. To unite GR-agencies and GR managers operating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the largest network.
2. To join an international network of GR-agencies as an operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Objectives of the club:

  • Organization of training courses of GR-managers and fostering the development of GR-agencies.
  • Courses for teachers and trainers on preparation of GR-managers and organization of GR-agencies.
  • Promote employment of trained GR-managers.
  • Commissioning services of GR-departments.
  • Conduct club meetings.
  • Create a partnership network of the club.
  • Development of the club as a methodological, consulting and information center for members of the club, its partners, clients and trustees.
  • Development of broker service for the club members to exercise their broker rights.
  • Promotion of the club in Kazakhstan and in the diplomatic corps of foreign countries represented in Kazakhstan.
  • Signing of a cooperation agreement with similar organizations abroad.
  • Creation of a client, partner and trustee networks of the club abroad.

The membership of the club is open to any person or entity (through its representative) exercising their activities or consuming services in GR field, who have signed a membership agreement and have a GR-manager Certificate, registered in the GR club.

How to become a member?

To become a member of the club it is necessary to:
  • Complete two training sessions on «GR manager", the total number of hours - 12 hours.
  • To pass the exam at the end of the training and get a GR-manager certificate, registered in the GR club.
The task for the exam to obtain a GR manager certificate is given to the participants during the trainings on “GR manager”. In case of failing the examination a candidate member re-sits the exam. A candidate for membership of the club has a right to take the exam to obtain a GR manager certificate an unlimited number of times during the exams for the term of the contract. A candidate has the right to take the exam free of charge only twice, subsequent attempts are made on a paid basis.
  • Pay the annual membership fee which is determined by the administration of the club.
  • Sign the membership agreement.
What are the benefits of the membership?

Having become a member of «GR club», a member has the right to:
  • Complete a seminar on "Public procurement", the total number of hours - 6 hours.
  • Participate in the 4 club meetings of GR club members, subject to the GR-manager certificate, registered in the GR club.
  • To participate in the examination of candidates members of the club, subject to the GR-manager certificate, registered in the GR club.
  • Participate and receive dividends in the Networking of GR club, subject to the GR-manager certificate, registered in the GR club.