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Kazybek Shaikh. Elements of project management as GR tools (government relations) / / The second international forum on "Project Management in Central Asia. The innovative technology. " May 3-5, 2012

The need for effective, sustainable and minimally costly business development is the main reason for which companies and organizations build internal GR infrastructure.

In today's business realities of Kazakhstan transition from small to medium business is possible only if the business has skills, methods and practices of effective collaboration with government bodies and / or their representative persons.


Shaikh Kazybek. The construction of the New Contemporary Silk Way should start from Chongqing. //, Morning news. 08.12.2011.

Yesterday was the second day of the world’s largest Global Foundations Forum in Chongqing city. In his speech, Kazybek Shaikh, chairman of Kazakhstan’s Fund of Peace noted, that Kazakhstan is a large country with 16 mln population and over 100 nationalities. At the same time Kazakhstan is a small country which needs development and reinforcement of cooperation with other countries.


Cross-selling – women’s invention of «surplus profit».
A businessman or a business lady not seeking surplus profit are really just do not know how to do it.
To start a conversation let us try to understand what it means that attractive «surplus profit». Surplus profit is a profit greatly exceeding in terms of magnitude the normal ability to return the result of an organized business system.






Self-brand is when one’s name and surname become a brand able to deliver significant profit to its bearer, as well as to other interested parties – producers, corporation and shareholders.  

Reveal the beauty, career and value addition properties of your name.

- Aliza, why did you get interested in such extraordinary for a while field in Kazakhstan as ‘Self-branding’?




Let’s talk about something that everybody knows so well that when talking about it loses his/her clarity, quickness and motivation force, i.e. about one’s career.

An opportunity to make oneself a career appeared as a result of society development, management and is immanent to human essence – subjectivity relative to surrounding world.

A career occurred in society as a result of its pragmatism and desire of human beings to save time and resources in process of achieving their objectives.